Motivational Speeches

This is a picture of the words, "Be Authentic" in circles. Corey Ciocchetti is a motivational speaker who speaks about authentic happiness. Corey believes that a person can only experience authentic happiness if they chase things like sincere contentment, solid friendships / relationships, and strong character. Corey also speaks about values, integrity, and ethical decision-making.

Character & Values

Character counts in every area of life. Character is key to authentic success (a strong sense of contentment, solid friendships and a satisfying work, family, and life legacy). Corey’s motivational speeches are designed to evaluate what’s worth chasing in life. Clients rave about these keynotes; prepare to be inspired.

This is a picture of one fish leading a school of fish. Corey Ciocchetti is a top leadership speaker. He speaks about being a leader you would actually follow. He also has inspirational speeches on building morale and being a professional.


Strong morale and authentic leadership form the backbone of any strong organization – think about thriving families, teams, workplaces, governments. Success here requires a top-down, character-first approach to leadership. Corey helps you think differently about values-based leadership & morale.

This is a picture of one face smiling with a light bulb illuminated above. The other faces are not smiling and have un-illuminated light bulbs above. Corey Ciocchetti is an inspirational professional speaker who makes audiences think deeply about their happiness, stress reduction, and passions.

Authentic Happiness

We hope for happiness – it’s our ultimate goal and influences all we do. But, life and stress often interfere. We need practical and effective strategies to increase our mental clarity and physical wellness. Corey’s inspirational keynote speeches sharpen our focus on chasing authnetic happiness and finding our calling.

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